Unexpected complication

Dear Friends & Family,

As many of you know we traveled to China on 23 of April for long awaited Stem Cell treatment.

Unfortunately during pre-treatment MRI test on Ittai’s brain Doctors noticed a small abnormality on his frontal lob. Following more tests, MRI’s and CT Scans our fears were confirmed. Ittai has a benign tumor on his frontal lob. The good news are that it is small and operable. Following those devastating news we decided to return home and treat this ASAP.

According to the Chinese Neurologists we will be able to come back for Stem Cell treatment within 6 to 12 month after successful removal of this tumor. We meeting Ittai’s doctors first thing Monday morning and hope that the operation will be done as soon as possible without any complications.

Besides the bad news, we really enjoyed the care and treatment Ittai received in Puhua Hospital, we saw other patients and witnessed the miracle of Stem Cell treatment. This trip reassured us that out efforts to give Ittai a better chance in life are right and Stem Cells treatment is the only way he can have a better quality of life.

We are still shocked and devastated by the news and the way we found out about it, however if we wouldn’t have traveled to China we might have never known about this tumor until it was too late.

Thank you all for your help and support which allowed us to get to China. We managed to save most of the money donated for Ittai’s treatment and will be using it for Stem Cells treatment next year.

Thank you all  again.

Some pictures we took during our short visit to China:

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3 thoughts on “Unexpected complication

  1. Very shocked to hear this news. Thinking of you all and hoping for a positive outcome for the operation and renewed plans for China! All our love. Rimma, Eric, Joshua.

  2. Oren and family, we’re devastated to hear about the setback. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a painless procedure back here, and a swift recovery for the little man. Love Kate (on behalf of Kids For Life)

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