In healthy adults CMV can cause nothing more than flu-like symptoms.

Ittai has fallen victim to congenital CMV infection, which stands for Cytomegalovirus.

Now we know that Ittai’s mum probably caught CMV virus sometime in the second trimester during pregnancy so the chance to pass it onto the unborn baby is very high.

Some countries have compulsorily testing for CMV each trimester during pregnancy, but in Australia this test is not part of the standard tests.

CMV is the leading cause of disability in the world (more than Downs syndrome). It is the second leading cause (if not the leading cause) of Cerebral Palsy in children, it is the leading cause of non-hereditary Deafness in children and is the second leading cause of Mental Retardation but only 14% of women know about CMV.

Every hour there is a child born with a disability due to CMV.

Have you heard about CMV?

In Ittai’s case, congenital infection, CMV caused brain damage. It has left several lesions in his brain and that’s whats causing his Cerebral Palsy and Visual Impairment.

In the past, prognosis of congenital brain damage in children was compared to brain damaged caused by an accident, which does not take into an account the plasticity of the developing brain. This is why it is so important for Ittai to undergo Stem Cell treatment as early as possible. The stem cells will help his brain to repair the damage and develop new brain areas that can be used for Vision and motor function.

Please help Ittai for a better life.


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