Ittai was born on Friday the 28/5/2010, he was a healthy beautiful baby. We as a family had the happiest weekend ever. Then on Monday we were told to do an ultrasound for his head, which showed some abnormalities.
Today Ittai is 2½ years old and he has profound developmental delay due to acute CerebralPalsy and Cortical visual impairment. Ittai’s CP is so severe that he was diagnosed with quadriplegia. He can’t chew, has great difficulty swallowing and the only way we can feed him is via a feeding tube. He has trouble falling asleep and suffers from insomnia. He is unable to speak and we are trying to find new ways for him to communicate with us. His vision is very poor and we don’t really know what he can see. Lately Ittai went through a growth spurt, which in his condition is very painful, because while his bones are growing normally, his muscles don’t (muscles grow only when you use them). This causes cramps in all his limbs and he is in constant pain. We trying to stretch him as much as we can but it’s not enough.
With every day passing Ittai finds more and more pain in life while he should be enjoying and discovering this wonderful world.

The reason for Ittai’s disability is a congenital CMV infection. In healthy people, CMV causes nothing more than a flu-like illness that lasts a few days. However, if contracted congenitally it can cause serious abnormalities.

At 3 weeks of age an MRI was performed on Ittai’s head and it was confirmed that he has several lesions in his brain. We were told that he probably has brain damage and that nothing can be done. We should only wait and see what happens and treat any symptoms that appear.

Today modern medicine can only provide Ittai with various therapies to help ease his pain and help with daily tasks.

The only treatment that can repair damaged cells is a Stem Cell treatment. In many countries , including Australia, this treatment is surrounded by religions and ethical controversy. The Scientists can’t decide between them mainly because there is not enough data collected from trials, which are banned due to same controversy or luck of funds.

However everyone agrees that Stem cells are capable of regenerating new healthy cells that could potentially be used to replace damaged or diseased cells occurring in a wide variety of pathologies.  Lately there have been some trials to treat Children with Cerebral Palsy which are conducted at Monash University in Melbourne, but not everyone can enter those trials as they are limited by age and other selection criteria.

In China, at the Beijing Puhua International Hospital doctors offer a variety of treatments with several types of stem cells. We have been in contact with them for the last 12 months. After carefully evaluating Ittai’s medical reports and watching his videos they proposed a treatment plan that potentially will repair some damage to Ittai’s brain that will resolve some of his physical disabilities.

We hope that since he is very young and his brain is still developing there is a high chance of success and the only risks are the same as with any medical procedure.

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