Stem Cell Treatment

Treatment plan in Ittai’s case is a 5 weeks program which includes:

Stem cell implantation: 4 Fetal Neural Stem Cell injections delivered via lumbar puncture into the cerebral spinal fluid+ 1 IV injection of mesenchymal stem cells

The 4 spinal injections with neural stem cells will have an effect on the neural system to improve neural functions and thus improve motor functions. The mesenchymal stem cells improve muscle functions and blood circulation.

Stem Cells Activation and Proliferation Treatment – Patients receive a daily IV of neurotrophic factors and medicines used to stimulate the production of the body’s own stem cells.

Rehabilitation: The rehabilitation program is an integral part of stem cell therapy. The treatment includes daily physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions, and a complementary Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment (Professional acupuncture and massage).

Estimated cost:
The estimated cost of treatment is 220,000 CNY (  A$ 32, 500 ) including 5 stem cell implantation, Medical Services, Medications, Lab, Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy/Occupational/TCM), and room fee for 5 weeks.

We are trying to raise close to A$ 40,000 to cover the travel cost and treatment.

Please help Ittai for a better life.